What is Motonosity?

Motonosity is a YouTube channel that stemmed from my hope to share with the world my experiences learning to ride a motorcycle. Back at the end of 2011, I bought my first motorcycle. Eager to do well in my learner’s course, I searched YouTube for videos about how to ride. It was at that point I discovered the YouTube motovlogging community.

Led by average dudes with cameras on (or in) their helmets, this motovlogging community got me even more excited to ride, but many of the videos I found were of people that had started making videos well after they began riding. I decided to share my motorcycling journey from the start.

At the beginning of 2012, I uploaded my first video. 5 years, 28 million views, and over 400 videos later, Motonosity has grown into more than just a YouTube channel. It’s a community itself. It’s helped me find some of my best friends and has allowed me to do what I love full time. It really did change my life.

Brent Klauck


PO Box 2032
Cedar Park, TX 78630